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Note to Self: July 18, 2009

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Rotary mats , it turns out, are not indestructible. 

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom sewing, pressing, and just hanging out.  My little sister, Lindsey, hung out with us and kept an eye on Eli (thanks sis!) while we were sewing.  My mom had all sorts of fun and exciting (and breakable) things that Eli just couldn’t resist.  It was really nice spending time with family.  My mom just had her first chemo treatment the day before and seemed to be doing really well.  I honestly didn’t expect her to feel up to the quilting project we had planned.  I figured we’d end up sitting around watching a movie and talking (which would have been fun too).  I hope things keep going so well.  Anyway….

My mom has a horrible, horrible, horrible mat.  It’s something from the stone age (or maybe the 80’s).  Apparently self-healing mats weren’t around back then.  This thing has grooves and gaps from every project she has ever done.  Cutting a straight line is impossible without a little luck and a lot of prayer.  Being the good girl scout I am, I came prepared.  I brought my own rotary mat for us to use.  Who knew she finally got herself a (well deserved) new one???  So I left mine in the car.  We managed to finish the majority of our Halloween table toppers while the temperature outside soared to the high 90’s.  I can’t imagine how hot it got in that car.  What I can say is that my rotary mat didn’t quite make it.  It melted.  Well, maybe not melted.  There wasn’t a blue grid puddle in my trunk.  It was more of a warping.  Beyond being a little bent, this thing looks like it has been scrunched up and ran over.  I tried heating it back up and then piling weight on top to flatten it out.  No go.  *sniff*


One Response to “Note to Self:”

  1. cornbreadandbeansquilting Says:

    Awww…poor cutting mat, may it R.I.P.

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