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Quick Table Topper September 19, 2009

Filed under: Halloween,Just for Fun,Moda,My Own Design,Quilt Patterns — Jandi @ 12:23 am

A quick trip to your local supermarket will confirm that Halloween really is just around the corner.  Every aisle is filled with orange and black streamers and large bags of chocolate will tempt you from racks near the checkout stand.  It is just the beginning of the holiday season and it is almost here!  We don’t have much time before Christmas- which means I should really go get fabric for those stockings I’ve been saying I am going to make for my family this year.  I have vowed that we will not celebrate another Christmas with $0.99 red stockings from Wal-mart!  I take comfort in the face that I am getting closer to being ready for Halloween.

My mom and I did these tops together at her house.  Just a simple disappearing nine patch with borders:


And then I decided to brave the uncertain world that is  free hand machine quilting.  I’m glad my first project wasn’t a quilt, but I am happy enough with the job I did not to throw it out (although I won’t let quilting friends take too close of a look).





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