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UPGRADE! September 19, 2009

Filed under: Brother NX-450Q,life lessons,Quilts,Tools — Jandi @ 5:00 pm

Here’s my old machine:

oldbrotherIt is nothing special.  Just a cheapy from Wal-mart that has been getting the job done.  I was actually able to purchase a walking foot and free motion foot for it and I have been quilting on it quite a bit.  The table topper below was quilted on this machine.  Unfortunately, she just hasn’t been able to stand up to the abuse that is my caffeine-fueled late-night marathons.  After weeks of trying to work with her iffy motor, I have gotten an upgrade.  Woot! Okay, maybe not gotten.  But I am going to get.  I purchased a floor model that will be ready for me Friday.

And yes, I sold my elliptical to get it.  Honestly, what is more important?  Exercise or sewing?  I think we have our answer.

Here she is:

brotherShe isn’t the fanciest girl on the block, but she’s a big upgrade for me!  From now until Friday I can dream of all the endless hours I will spend playing with decorative stitches that I will hardly ever use!  LOL  And did I mention the thread cutter?  Or the quilting table that will also double as a nice place to rest my weary head after a long night?  I’m in love!


2 Responses to “UPGRADE!”

  1. Diane Cannon Says:

    Congrads on your new machine–it is always fun to get new toys to play with and I know that sewing is better than exercise what a question!!!! have fun playing–hugs, just, Di

  2. Jandi Says:

    Thanks! I’m so excited. It is like waiting for Christmas to come! LOL

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