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The Green Monster October 11, 2009

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So, yeah, I occasionally have a slight twinge of jealousy as a peruse other sewing blogs.  There are just too many cute ideas, patterns, and fabrics out there for one girl to get her hands on.  Too many projects, too little time.  But, if you hadn’t heard, this week is the Quilt Market!  Have you seen pictures from Houston yet???  Amazing!!!!  I can’t wait to see all of these new fabrics and patterns in my local shops!

Also, in December’s issue of McCall’s Quilting, one of their Fresh Picks is the Super Board.  It is basically a large rectangular board that sits on top of your current ironing board and enlarges the work surface.  I saw it tonight and thought “I need that” and quickly went to the website to order one.  $149 for a board????  Seriously????  I’m thinking a quick trip to Lowe’s and a little sewing is a much better option.


2 Responses to “The Green Monster”

  1. craftymrsk Says:

    My husband made me one. I wasn’t going to spend that kind of cash either! I added long, thin peices of wood to the underside of the “super board” to fit exactly around my ironing board. That way when I set it on top, it fits snug and won’t move around.

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