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Scrap Quilt Tutorial October 15, 2009


Monday night I came home from work, checked my email, and found an invitation to a baby shower waiting in my inbox.  Oh good, I get to make a baby quilt!  Oh crap, the shower is THIS Saturday!  Ack!  Not only am I now working full time, I also only have a few days to sew a quilt top and get it quilted.  And there is that pesky problem of being flat broke…

So, after much deliberation, and searching through all of my scraps, I came up with this quilt top.  It isn’t anything special but it was a great use of scraps and I think it turned out fine.  So I’ve decided to share it with you all.  Here goes:

Materials for top:

1 charm pack or 36- 5 inch squares in various coordinating prints

1/3 yd. for inner border

2/3 yd. for outer border

Step One:

Lay out 36 five inch squares six rows with six squares in each row.  Sew rows together with 1/4″ seams.


Step Two:

Press.  Press all seams down on first strip and all seams up on second strip.  Continue alternating pressing on each strip.


Step Three:

Pin strips together and sew with 1/4″ seams.  Press.


Step Four:

Cut border into four 2 1/2″ x 44″ strips.  Sew one strip on each side.  Trim and press.


Step Five:

For outer border, follow same steps as for inner border but make strips 5 inches wide.  Sew, trim, and press.


And now you have your quilt top finished.  I hope that was simple enough.  I made this entire baby quilt using the leftover fabric from the quilt I made for my mom recently (see it here).  I only had to purchase the fabric for the inner border.  I think this would be cuter with an actual charm pack which would give a better variation of light and dark fabrics.  It would probably also help if I quit taking pictures at night because it always makes the colors look a bit funky!  LOL

I will post the finished quilt later this week!  Happy quilting!  



17 Responses to “Scrap Quilt Tutorial”

  1. jownby Says:

    This is impressive! It would take me a month to do this!! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  2. myheritagefabrics Says:

    Cute–we will feature as a great Crafty Weekend Project on our blog, if you don’t mind, next weekend (October 23).


  3. arlijohn Says:

    Great idea. Seems like we all get caught in this situation sooner or later.

  4. Colleen Says:

    Very cute! I’m impressed, no way would I start a whole quilt just days before a baby shower!

  5. tinyinc Says:

    wow, that was quick and the speed obviously didn’t affect the workmanship, it’s lovely.

    I feel ashamed that it takes me so long to get through anything I start.


  6. […] can view the free tutorial here.   Leave a […]

  7. Jenelle Says:

    What a pretty quilt! Thank you for the tutorial. I’ve been thinking about making a little quilt myself (for the first time ever- yikes!), so this was very helpful.

  8. GO ORANGE!!! Orange is my favorite color and I’m also a quilter. I have been trying to figure out what colors to make my next quilt for our bed, well thank you Jandi for the suggestion! I’ve always tried to make quilts that are both manly and pretty so that my husband isn’t sleeping in Cinderella’s room. This will be perfect if I start it now it will be on our bed come spring time. I’m finishing our room off with simple orange and cream sheers on the windows.

  9. Betty Dragoo Says:

    Would you be able to get the instructions to me for the finish of the quilt?The backing,etc..

    • Jandi Says:

      It has beenso long since I made this quilt…..I believe thatyou will need 1 1/4- 11/2 yards of fabricfor the backing. Tofigure out the backing, simply measure the finished dimensions ofyour quilt top and add 3 inches to the height and 3 inches to the width (add 6 inches to these if you are havingit quilted on a longarm). This will give you the exact measurement for the quilt backing. For your binding, you will need 1/4yard fabric if you are cutting your binding strips 2 1/2 inches wide. There are many great tutorials online that will show you how to make and attatch quilt binding online if you don’t alreadyhave a preferred method. Please email me ifyou have any more questions!



  10. Heather Says:

    awesome idea for scraps, thanks for the tutorial and inspiration.

  11. Mary-Anne Says:

    I think it is FABULOUS!!!

  12. Joan Says:

    Awesome way to use scraps. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Karen Rogers Says:

    Nice, I am only starting out with baby quilts since my grandmother made each of her 7 children 7 quilts each. This looks rather simple for me, and I like the shades of peach and orange. Thanks so much !

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