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Turn it out Tuesday February 16, 2010

I can’t believe how much energy I had today.  It must have been the oreos I had for breakfast.  You know, it IS the breakfast of champions.  First I pieced this:

With any luck, I may have it quilted by next Valentine’s Day.

Then I finished the binding on this:

Please excuse the blurriness of the photos.  I’ve temporarily replaced my good camera with a cheap one until I can afford to have mine repaired.  And, of course, I plan on blaming said cheap camera for my lack of skill when it comes to taking pictures.

I also finished all the blocks for a quilt using the Moda Odyssea line and now I just need to sew them together and finish it off with a couple of borders.  Oh, and I did finally get around to taking a picture of this quilt I made using the Riley Blake Wheels line:


5 Responses to “Turn it out Tuesday”

  1. Colleen Says:

    That V-Day tree is GORGEOUS! How did you do it? Applique?

  2. Melissa Says:

    Way to go girl! I bet it felt so good to get all that done. Love your projects!

  3. HeatherM Says:

    Cute! Thanks for posting that wheels one.. My little boy saw it (he’s 2) and said “Mom you make me that blankwet” hehe I think he likes it. Sorry to hear about your awful quilter experience!

  4. nanette Says:

    Oh I love the tree. Love it. It could be used with slight changes for any season.

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