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A New Pattern Company and a giveaway February 20, 2010

Amber has a pattern company called Gigi’s Thimble and is giving away patterns this week!  She is amazing, so head on over to her blog and get yourself entered!


2 Responses to “A New Pattern Company and a giveaway”

  1. Hi Jandi,

    I thought that might be you (from your comment on my blog) I recognized you since you have such a beautiful and unique name. We’ve met at the Alpine Quilt Guild & at Just Sew. You are a sewing maniac! I love all of your projects (the ones that I’ve seen in person and here on your blog!) Thanks for posting about the giveaway and for stopping by my blog. See you Tuesday (if you go!)


    • Jandi Says:

      Thanks Amber! I recognized you from your picture on your blog. I am hoping to make it to the meeting Tuesday night. I actually just switched my blog over to blogger so I actually posted about your patterns in both places. I hope it goes great!

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