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Turn it out Tuesday February 16, 2010

I can’t believe how much energy I had today.  It must have been the oreos I had for breakfast.  You know, it IS the breakfast of champions.  First I pieced this:

With any luck, I may have it quilted by next Valentine’s Day.

Then I finished the binding on this:

Please excuse the blurriness of the photos.  I’ve temporarily replaced my good camera with a cheap one until I can afford to have mine repaired.  And, of course, I plan on blaming said cheap camera for my lack of skill when it comes to taking pictures.

I also finished all the blocks for a quilt using the Moda Odyssea line and now I just need to sew them together and finish it off with a couple of borders.  Oh, and I did finally get around to taking a picture of this quilt I made using the Riley Blake Wheels line:


Too much ambition? January 28, 2010

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Today I was feeling a bit cocky.  Perhaps too cocky.  Cocky enough that I broke my number one rule of never buying backing and batting for a top until it is finished.  I cut out all of my fabric last night and started sewing it together.  It is a simple enough quilt and I knew I could sew it together in an hour or so today.  So I went out and bought everything else I needed while running my 1200 errands today (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I swear it is only slight ).  I did finish (okay, almost finished, it still needs borders) the top but there is no way I am going to get around to quilting it until Monday.  *sniff*  Anyway, the fabrics are from Riley Blake’s new line Wheels and you get a sneak peak:


TOP TEN!!! December 1, 2009

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The results are in and we made it in the top ten!!!!  Now we just need everyone to go vote!  You can vote once a day until December 7th.  Vote HERE.



Sneak Peek! November 18, 2009

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Here’s the quilt I am currently working on.  I had to take a break to answer the phone so I decided to snap a picture for you guys.  This quilt has been a bit of a nightmare from start to (almost) finish.  Between machine malfunctions, broken needles, and a desperate search for matching thread, I am ready to just be done already.  At least this quilt will be doing double duty.  Not only is it my half of an entry for a contest, it is also my youngest son’s Christmas present.  I am thankful he is so small and I can work on it whenever I want.  Lorelei is also getting a quilt for Christmas but I will have to work on hers in secret.


Hot Pad Tutorial November 9, 2009



I made this matching set today.  You can click on the Free Tutorials tab above to find the link for the oven mitt.  This hot pad was also very easy.  You can use your own block pattern or follow my tutorial for my block.





Cut one 6″ square for center of block.

Cut four 3′” squares for corners of center block.








Sew 3″ squares to your larger square from corner to corner as shown.  You can mark lines to follow with a fabric pencil but I am lazy and didn’t bother.








Cut the excess triangles from each corner leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.

















Cute two 1″ x 6″ and two 1″ x 7″ strips for the inner border.  Sew on the 6″ long strips to opposite sides.  Press.  Then sew on the 7″ strips to the two remaining sides.  Press.  Trim off any excess.








Cut two 3″ x 7″ and two 3″ by 10″ strips from the outer border fabric (I used the same fabric as the inner triangles).  Sew on the short strips first.  Press.  Then sew on the long strips.  Press.  Trim excess.








Layer finished block, Insul-bright, and backing in a quilt sandwich.  Baste as desired (I didn’t bother since they were so small.).  I used my walkingfoot to quilt a quick grid pattern.








Once your block has been quilted, trim the excess.  Cut one 2 1/2″ by width of fabric (usually about 44″) for binding your hot pad.  Use the double binding method as you would on any quilt.








Wrap up your completed set for a great gift this season or enjoy them in your own kitchen.


Easy Peasy Oven Mitt Tutorial November 8, 2009

I started out with this oven mitt and this fabric:

100_0987 100_0989

Yea, I know, the oven mitt is totally gross.  I swear I wash it but after 10 years or so it has lost what little charm it may ever have had.  It is time for something new and fresh.



Take and old oven mitt and turn it inside out (it lies flatter this way).  Trace the shape onto which ever type of paper you have available.  I prefer freezer paper.

100_0990STEP TWO:

Cut fabrics large enough to cut out two of your oven mitt shape (front and back).  You need three layers.  Main fabric, Insul Bright (or 100% cotton batting), and your lining fabric.  Make a quilt sandwich and baste together using safety pins or your method of choice.

100_0993STEP THREE:

Quilt your fabric sandwich.  I lowered my feed dogs and used a free-motion quilting foot to quilt around the larger  print.  You could also use a walking foot and simply quilt a grid.

100_0994STEP FOUR:

Cut out your oven mitt.  Make sure that you cut one front and one back (cut a back by simply flipping your paper template over and cutting a reverse image).

100_0996STEP FIVE:

With right sides together, stitch along top and sides of your mitt.  You may use a straight stitch for this if you like but you will need to still zigzag stitch the bottom of the two side seams for added strength.

100_0997STEP SIX:

At this point you could fold over the ends (around the wrist) and topstitch and call it done.  I decided I wanted it a bit more decorative so I just turned it right side out and bound it using the single fold binding method used for quilting.  I cut my binding strip 1 1/2″ wide.





STEP SEVEN:  Bake, gift, or just enjoy!     ***Matching hot pad to come tomorrow-ish.****



Finished! October 17, 2009

Just pulled this little beauty from the dryer.  I’m very happy with the way it turned out.  Unfortunately, my camera died after the first picture and I don’t have time to head over to the store before the baby shower.


You can view the free tutorial here.